Series 110
Compact Smart 974in.lbs Electric Actuator

The AVA S110 Series is our Smart 974in.lbs electric actuator range. Offering 974in.lbs torque output, this quarter turn electric actuator, with its IP67 ABS housing, this robust industrial electric actuator offers standard features including mechanical manual override, end of travel limit switches, internal anti-condensation heater and ISO 5211 mounting platform for direct mount to ISO 5211 ball and butterfly valves.

The AVA S110 series also comes as standard with the AVA Smart OLED screen function. This function displays to the user the actuator input/output status and will also show any faults that might be present. The screen comes with touch buttons to access the internal menu system of the actuator. This allows the user to change settings within the actuator such as working angle, speed, and function depending on the function of the actuator. For example, if modulating you can select if you want to control by 4-20mA or 0-10V. The actuator also has local control for manual operation when power is applied.

The actuator has F07/10 x 17mm mounting as standard.  

Product Options:
  • Failsafe Function
  • Hi Speed Function
  • BUS Communication Function
  • Timer Function