Series 400
Compact Smart 400Nm Electric Actuator

The new compact Series 400 Smart electric actuator a bright OLED screen that provides the user with actuator status information, and used in conjunction with external push buttons, allows local control and many parameters and functional adjustment options. Select a tab below for full details. 400Nm torque output, manual override, internal space heater, and IP67 ABS housing as standard. F07/10 x 22mm ISO 5211 for direct mount to your valve. Available 95-265VAC or 24VAC/DC, 12VDC. With an LED status light for Open, Close and Alert for overtorque/ valve jam conditions. Temperature and Humidty sensors. Declutchable manual override selector button.  

Product Options:
  • On/Off function
  • Multi-voltage capability
  • Modulating function
  • Timer function
  • Wireless function
  • Modbus or Canbus function