Series 200
Compact Basic 200Nm Electric Actuator

The compact B200 Basic electric actuator uses a set of internal cams which strike micro-switches to control the open and closed positions, and another set to provide end of travel position confirmation. Available as on/off / open/close quarter-turn electric actuator, this actuator has a torque output of 200Nm run torque. ISO 5211 with F07/10 x 22mm. Select from the tabs below for product information. Available as 24VDC, 110VAC or 220VAC. LED Status to light to show Open, Close and ALERT such as Overtorque/Valve Jam. Declutchable gearbox selector button. Stunning ABS IP67 housing with external wiring box accessible via conduit entry. 

Product Options:
  • On/Off function

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