Series 400 Electric Actuator

Instantly recognizable with a modern compact aluminum housing design and stand-out coloring, the Series 400 covers torques up to in either the Series 400 Basic or the Series 400 Smart electric actuator version. The Smart version has a bright OLED screen and external push buttons that allow local control and adjustment of many parameters and functional settings.

Series 400 Electric Actuator

The Basic version of the new Series 400 Electric Actuator is available as a simple on-off actuator with ABS compact design housing, introducing new declutchable gearbox selector making it easier than ever to operate large valves using the manual override, LED status light for open, close and alert conditions. Available as On Off and Failsafe functionality. 

The new Series 400 Smart Electric Actuator offers an OLED screen, external push button local control and parameter adjustments, speed control, plus optional functionality including fast acting, timer, wireless, bus communications and modulating. Select ‘Smart’ below to open a new page for full details. Smart series introduces new sensor technology, including ambient temperature and humidity, motor RPM and Capacitor discharge %. 

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