Full Feature Design, Engineered for Preformance

Our New Series 60 & 110 Have Arrived!
These new models include a number of features for improved efficiency and control:

  • 531- 974 in.lbs Torque Output
  • Battery Backup Failsafe Functionality, With No Torque Drop
  • New Housing With IP67 Ingress Protection
  • ISO 5211 Mount Pattern (F05 & F07)
  • Interchangeable Current Control:0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 2-10V
  • Motor Self Lock Control
  • Brake Time Delay
  • Accessible Terminal Strip

Functions of the Series 60/110 include: Open/ Close, Failsafe, High-Speed, Modulating, Modulating High-Speed, Modulating Failsafe, BUS Communication, or Timer.

Smart Actuators still offer an OLED Display with features such as a digital position sensor, push-button manual override and mechanical override, dome-style position indicator, brushless motor, remote end- of travel confirmation, two types of speed control, push-button end-of-travel adjustment, and 3-position configurations.

Base models have the same compact housing with removable terminal strip, manual override, brushless motor, dome-style position indicator, and battery backup for failsafe models.

Navigate through our products section at www.avactuators.com for complete technical information and downloads.  We also invite you to email the sales team for pricing and availability at sales@avactuators.com

Small Footprint with BIG torque outputs !